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  • Victor Jason Raymond

    Victor Jason Raymond March 20, 2006, 8:41 p.m. (Message 44778)

    Question about dances

    Dear All,
    I probably ought to ask Linda Lieberman this question, but I'll toss 
    it out here.  Forgive me if I'm just incapable of finding dances on my own.
    I'm looking for dances that include the following figure (and I 
    suspect it is a small number):
    At *some* point in the dance, the first couple dances down, picking 
    up second lady as they go by: 2L-1M-1L.  As they are dancing down, 
    second man follows behind first man.  They all turn over their 
    (right?) shoulders and dance up the line of the dance, the two ladies 
    stepping forward to be on either side of second man, with first man 
    now trailing.  I don't recall how the figure ends, as there might be 
    several ways to finish.
    If anyone might point me towards dances with this figure, I would be 
    grateful.  Thank you.  (Suggestions on how to search for this stuff 
    would also be appreciated)
    Victor J Raymond
    vraymond "at"  

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