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  • Wouter Joubert

    Wouter Joubert March 20, 2006, 9:50 a.m. (Message 44753)

    RE: Two chords - a question

    Dear Audrey
    This was discussed on Strathspey some time ago without any consensus
    being reached as far as I know.  The RSCDS also changed (I think in a
    letter by Jean Martin to the list) their decision about only one chord
    but have provided us with some "encore" tracks without the 2nd chord in
    resent CD releases (which I invariably prefer).
    It is quite possibly a question of personal preference with perhaps a
    traditional majority in favour of the 2 chord.
    Personally I find the two chords rather silly and think it spoils the
    start of the dance with a rush across the set for the couples who need
    to cross and a silly two times acknowledgement of partners for those who
    stay put.
    Wouter Joubert
    South Africa

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