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  • Marie Disiewicz

    Marie Disiewicz March 20, 2006, 2:41 a.m. (Message 44747)

    Re: The RSCDS Constitution and Young People

    Hello to all
    It might be better to have two young people on the board from two different 
    areas and a nucleous of new young people might be born from this.
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    Subject: The RSCDS Constitution and Young People
    > Hello Strathspeyers,
    > This message is addressed to the RSCDS members on the list - which I 
    > assume
    > means most subscribers.
    > HQ is proposing a number of changes to the Constitution, which it plans to
    > submit to the AGM in November. They have just been posted in draft form on 
    > the
    > HQ website "for consultation with Branches and members".  Overall,  they 
    > seem
    > designed to further streamline the management arrangements that  were
    > introduced three years ago.
    > Among the changes - if I have understood them correctly - is one to
    > eliminate the provision that authorizes the Management Board to appoint 
    > Directors for
    > Schools, Music, Archives and Youth.  The provision would be  replaced with 
    > a
    > more generic statement, to give the Board authority to  make appointments 
    > it
    > deems in the best interests of the  Society.  The argument is that this 
    > will
    > give the Board more  flexibility in making appointments, which seems fair
    > enough.
    > At the same time, I'm mindful of the many comments on the Strathspey  over
    > the last few months about how to make our dance form more  appealing to 
    > younger
    > dancers.  I wonder whether the time isn't  ripe to do something more to
    > improve the Society's image among young  people.
    > My proposal is that one seat on the Management Board be reserved for a 
    > young
    > person (say, under 30 years of age.)   I believe this would  be a good way 
    > of
    > ensuring that the voice of young people  gets heard.
    > What do others think?
    > Chris Ronald, New York (definitely not qualified to occupy such a post, 
    > but
    > still young at heart!)

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