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  • e.ferguson

    e.ferguson March 15, 2006, 6:16 p.m. (Message 44725)

    Less stress on Footwork

    Campbell's approach has more to commend it.
    In social dancing, poor steps hardly disturb the set, but it spoils the joy 
    for all when positioning and phrasing are wrong.  Dancers who are late 
    (think of Grand Chain, Allemande, the turns of "turn corners and partner"), 
    or early or far out of place can turn a lovely dance into a contest to get 
    through and avoid collapse.  I too often see the attitude "if the set did 
    not collapse, the dance went well".
    Why do we not give good timing and positioning, and dancing with the music, 
    the top priority in our teaching?  We would all have fewer frustrations at 
    our dance events.  I know a new dancer who says "I need to think so much  
    of my feet and the formations that I am leaving it to later to also listen 
    to the music". It shows that some newcomers pick up a wrong order of 
    Of course, in dems we DO need good footwork, but that is not the issue 
    under discussion. 
    On 13 Mar 2006 at 9:39, xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx wrote:
    > At the risk of making myself hugely unpopular, may I venture to suggest that
    > the lesson to be learned here is that footwork needs to be downgraded to an
    > optional extra in SCD, rather than a qualifying skill.  I shall use my own
    > experience to illustrate the point.
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