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  • campbell

    campbell March 14, 2006, 3:03 p.m. (Message 44702)

    RE: Teaching and guns

    Anselm wrote:
    > The trick, apparently, is getting people to find out that while they
    > *think*
    > they're having lots of fun when they're just stampeding around the set
    > like a
    > herd of hippos, that once they've got the hang of current SCD technique
    > they
    > will be having even *more* fun. I don't have a foolproof method for doing
    > this.
    As the originator of this thread, and having so far got away with only a
    few bullet grazes on the left thigh as I ducked round the corner, I think
    Anselm has got closest to what I would call "the next step".  My feeling
    is get them in by lowering the bar as far as possible, certainly below any
    sense of having to master footwork first.  Once they are in, they will
    begin to look around and rather enjoy the superior footwork of those
    around them.  Then they will look down at their own hippo feet and feel
    slightly embarrassed and want to improve themselves.  In other words they
    find out by looking at the example set them by those around them.  I feel
    the example should be set purely by demonstration, not by remonstration. 
    As the teacher, I try to drop hints through humour, point out examples of
    good footwork by those around, indicate that I have got a long way to go
    myself but that it is enjoyable to improve.  And do the occasional
    boringly easy dance so they have a chance to try to get their feet right. 
    But it is never stressed, always in the background.  I am usually
    reactive, only occasionally assertive.  With the result, as I mentioned in
    my first email, that our club has a reputation for "appalling" footwork
    amongst the purists.  It was even suggested that we had a cheek inviting
    Marian Anderson out to play for such low standards of dancing.  Sigh!!

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