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  • Lydia Hedge

    Lydia Hedge March 11, 2006, 3:09 p.m. (Message 44627)

    Barry Priddey Dance

    Can anyone help me here? I have the Barry Priddey booklet "Twelvesome 
    Reel". In it, there is a dance called "The Laggan Burn". 
    Unfortunately, my copy of the book has a blank page 8 (where "The Laggan 
    Burn" should be). Bars 25-32 appear at the top of page 9.
    Does anyone have a page 8 they could scan in and send to me (privately, of 
    course)? I would really appreciate it.
    Page 5 is also blank, but I think that may be intentional. (??)
    (Aside to Alan: DanceData seems to have this dance listed as "Laggan 
    Falls". Not sure why.)
    Thank you.
    Lydia Hedge
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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