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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister March 10, 2006, 11:25 a.m. (Message 44619)

    Re: Islay

    I have found in the past that sometimes this kind of situation arises 
    when someone pinches and alters an existing dance for some local 
    occasion and little is heard of it again.
    A few years ago I was asked to call a "Fair Isle Jig" at a dance, 
    couldn't find it anywhere and by anywhere I mean contacting musicians in 
    Fair Isle etc. to no avail.  Ten minutes before the dance started I was 
    handed a crib by the dance organiser someone had just taken the Virginia 
    Reel, decided to play it to a jig and call it the Fair Isle Jig.
    In message <002b01c64424$87f4da00$xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Wesley Harry 
    <xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx.xx> writes
    >I have been trying to find the deviser of 'Islay' for sometime without 
    >@The Islay Strathspey" is listed in my Index as being 'Collected by 
    >Miss Milligan' but this does not seem to have been published by anyone.
    Bryan McAlister

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