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  • Pia Walker

    Pia Walker March 9, 2006, 2:27 p.m. (Message 44607)

    RE: Rules for teachers

    I know - but where do you learn to understand a book and the way it is
    written?   We have a specific way of annotating dances in RSCDS - ok - not
    always brilliant - but it is there.   We have a lot of people who write
    dances - sometimes using wording which is  understandable to them, I would
    say in many cases because of what they have heard but not always seen
    written down, but not necessarily so the wording travels well.
    Many experienced dancers/teachers forget that lesser mortals may not know
    what they mean by - whatever they are saying.  Plus the fact that one
    teacher although brilliant - may deliver the explanation in such a way that
    some people do not understand it.   I have teachers whose descriptions I
    understand very well, and others who I can't understand - nothing to do with
    their teaching, just the way my brain analyse their explanations.
    I like to hold the book firmly in my hand - if nothing else then for the
    person who will ask 'why do we' and 'can't we do?' and I can say - the
    offical line is:.....
    It has of course nothing to do with me having a memory like a sieve, of
    course :>)
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    I think that what is meant is that as the teacher one
    has already perhaps chosen a certain wording so that
    it is more clear to the class rather than just reading
    out of the book.  I know that I sometimes depend too
    much on the book rather than already knowing exactly
    what to tell the class.  Once I really know a dance I
    might describe it a little differently in a way that
    would be easier to understand for the dancers.
    Wendy Grubb
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