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  • Pia Walker

    Pia Walker March 9, 2006, 2:06 p.m. (Message 44604)

    RE: Scottish Country Dancer Magazine

    Actually it was the Scotsman we replied to - The Scotland on Sunday was an
    article where A dance organisation got funding for working on dance in
    Primary schools and was not capable of advertising this without uttering
    negative mutterings about other dance forms - of the top of my head
    something like:   "The Gay Gordon will be a thing of the past - we all have
    to learn hip-hop now"  Or words to that effect.
    Bearing in mind that funding is time-limited.   The average age of schools
    teachers are such that hip-hop will have to be taught by teachers from the
    outside (I have tried it, and it is great fun - but you realize that you
    have muscles in parts of your body, where you did not imagine you had
    muscles) - and the fact that it is not hip-hop which in Scotland are danced
    at family gatherings - I did not feel that that it was worth getting my
    dance-pumps in a twist - plus of course anything which gets any child of
    their back-sides is worth a go.
    With regards to birling - if you can birl - you are young enough - not if
    you are young you can birl.
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    Alasdair Graham
    Sent: 09 March 2006 11:03
    Subject: Scottish Country Dancer Magazine
    The promised 'January' edition of the 'Scottish Country Dancer' magazine has
    just arrived in the post.
    I note it is dated as Spring 2006 therefore it is early in arriving here but
    I guess very late in other parts of the world.
    There is a full page from Chris Ronald (New York) giving an overview of
    discussions on this forum and an official photograph of 'birling' at the
    AGM.  Seems it's OK for 'young' dancers to do.
    There is comment on the New Manual together with a correction to page 66:
    6.23.2. of the first printing.
    Problems with the database for mailing out Member copies are highlighted
    with the plea for anyone not receiving their copy, or receiving too many
    copies, to get in touch.
    Interestingly there is an article by Jimmie Hill (Editor of the Scottish
    Country Dancer) about the Scotland on Sunday Newspaper article of 1st
    January 2006 in which he laments that there were no letters from dancers
    sent in reply to the article??  He goes on to ask what should our response
    Has he not been reading this forum and Pia's replies?
    Are all editor's out of touch?
    Looks just as interesting as the first issue.
    Alasdair Graham
    Dumbarton, Scotland.
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