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  • Fiona Grant

    Fiona Grant March 8, 2006, 9:18 a.m. (Message 44550)

    Not just pedanctic but osbcure

    Sorry for any confusion in my recent postings:
    Re: emcee
    I was referring to the odd choice of writing emcee instead of M.C. when you
    print a dance programme or advertise the Master of Ceremonies. I've never
    seen M.C. written any other way than M.C. before now. Seems to be an
    American thing to have created a new word rather than use the abbreviation?
    And an addendum to a Swot/swat query from Ron:
    Either spelling is acceptable to the OED as both are derived from sweat!
    Maybe it depends on your accent which you prefer.
    In Glasgow I think they would say swo'ting (where the 't is a glottal stop).
    In Edinburgh council estates it would be swa'ting.
    Of course we all know ladies don't swat during dancing, only beforehand when
    contemplating the dance instructions! 
    Seems I'm being obscure a well as pedantic.
    Somewhat sleep deprived and possibly deranged in Bristol.
    P.S. QC = Queen's Counsel  KC = Kennel Club (in my neck of the woods!)

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