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  • Jean Martin

    Jean Martin Feb. 3, 2006, 2:46 p.m. (Message 44103)

    Re: The Guid Man of Ballangigh

    Marie et Al
    I agree with Elaine about the English origins of this dance BUT  The Guidman
    of Balangigh was James V of Scotland!
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    Subject: Re: The Guid Man of Ballangigh
    > This one was definitely an English dance fist. The original movements are
    > similar (two people dancing through the other two and back to place in 4
    > but the pairings are completely different and it flows  beautifully.  This
    > one of those dances that should have been left as an  English dance.  Not
    > sure how some of these old English dances 'morph' into  a similar but
    > Scottish dancee that usually don't work as well.!
    > Marjorie has the history on this one and often uses this in her classes of
    > English/Scottish similarities and differences etc.
    > Elaine
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    > Hi  there, Marie
    > I had no involvement with RSCDS HQ Committees when Book 30 was  produced
    > we danced The Guidman here in Aberdeen.  It was danced as  a SLOW jig and
    > required a lot of control, (cf. The Gentle Shepherd) which  may be the
    > why it lost popularity.  The instructions I had  originally exactly
    > the movements in the Book 30 dance though they  are expressed differently.
    > You mention a different spelling - is it  Balangeich?
    > The dance was a favourite with Tibbie Cramb who was probably on  the
    > Publications Committee at that time.  John Drewry may also have  been on
    > Committee and I'll check with him.
    > Jean Martin
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    > Subject: The Guid Man of Ballangigh
    > Hi Everyone
    > I would  like to know who was around when the RSCDS produced The Guidman
    > Ballangigh in Book 30.
    > I have the printed music for 3 versions in  The Playford Ball.
    > Three dances all different than the one in Book  30.
    > The spelling is a little different also.
    > I would love to know  the Royal Scottish Country Dance history on this
    > Cheers
    > Marie from  Surrey B.C.
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