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  • Jim Healy

    Jim Healy Nov. 5, 2001, 10:41 p.m. (Message 28051)

    Re: What happened?

    The headline version of the AGM, as requested.
    1. Audit of accounts (financial statements) had not been completed so they 
    couldn't be approved.
    2. Elections - all unopposed except six to Executive who are:
    Dorothy Hamilton
    Andrew Kellett
    Alistair Reid
    Margaret Ross
    Pauline Stewart
    David Watson
    3. Fees - increase to GBP 10 approved (GBP 15 tossed out and GBP 12 
    4. New 23 member Management Board to be elected at next year's AGM (Option 
    1) approved by a large majority
    5. Bristol motion for one member one vote (Option 3) was defeated by a 
    margin of about 3 to 1.
    6. Edinburgh motion to put it all off to next year was defeated
    7. Proposal to set up "Friends of the RSCDS" was defeated.
    The meeting ended at 6:50 pm having started at 2:30 and was technically an 
    adjournment as a re-convened meeting will be needed to approve the Accounts 
    when they are available.
    There were also some social functions but I was far too involved in those to 
    be able to report on them.
    Jim Healy
    Perth, Scotland
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