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  • Katharine Hoskyn

    Katharine Hoskyn Nov. 5, 2001, 9:50 p.m. (Message 28049)

    Re: What happened?

    I am sharing Stewart's anticipation - sitting at the other end of the
    world we do think about these things.  I was thinking about the AGM
    most of the weekend and was wondering what was happening.  
    Even some quick brief feedback would be good if people don't have
    time for longer responses.
    Katharine Hoskyn
    Auckland,  New Zealand
    Katharine Hoskyn
    Phone:  917-9999 ext 5349
    Faculty of Business
    Auckland University of Technology
    Private Bag 92006
    >>> 6/11/01 06:34:31 >>>
    OK lets quit the anticipation - could some one who was there let me
    what happened at the RSCDS AGM last Saturday.
    The silence is killing me!

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