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  • Brian Charlton

    Brian Charlton Oct. 23, 2001, 1:23 a.m. (Message 27955)

    RE: Loch Leven Castle

    G'Day, All,
    Doug Mills made the following comment in reply to Martin Sheffield's
    comments about Loch Leven Castle.
    >Not all dances are created perfect (except, and I know Martin >will agree,
    maybe Red House), but I put Loch Levan Castle
    >in the "challanging" category.
    Of course, Red House is a flawed dance as well. Musically I am told it
    should be 48 bars and the English Country Dance version has that form.
    Not that the flaw destroys the pleasure of doing Red House in the (flawed)
    SCD form.
    Grins from me!
    Brian Charlton
    Sydney, Australia.

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