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  • Rudge, Janet

    Rudge, Janet Oct. 18, 2001, 12:14 p.m. (Message 27923)


    I searched on for "Spinkie Den" and came up several
    references including 
    ("Find your way around Leven, in Fife, Scotland.") -
    Letham Glen - Leven has long been renowned for the quality of 
    its parks, principally Letham Glen on the northern outskirts of 
    the town.  The Glen, once locally known as 'Spinkie Den', contains 
    pleasant wooded walks along the banks of the Scoonie Burn and 
    floral displays which are a riot of colour in spring and summer. 
    For many, the main attraction is its 'Pets Corner', now known as 
    the 'Animal Centre', which includes a range of birds and furry 
    animals of much interest to children.  In the early years of last 
    century, Letham Glen was the location of an outdoor swimming pool; 
    later, the site of the pool was converted into a sunken garden 
    which still remains as an attractive feature of the park. 
    Spinkie Den is also mentioned in this diary of nature walks -
    and this poem, Sunday Run, by Donald Macgregor -
    Encouragingly, Google also found "Spinkie Den" on the RSCDS 
    Glasgow website and DanceData.
    Hope this helps!
    (at work in High Wycombe, UK, and not very busy this morning!)
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    Hi there
    Tonight we danced "Spinkie Den".  Do you have any idea what or where
    Spinkie Den is.
    Doreen Nelson

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