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  • Hollis Easter

    Hollis Easter Oct. 10, 2001, 10:44 p.m. (Message 27844)

    Music for the Dance, a concert

    Greetings everyone,
    I'd like to invite you to attend my junior recital at Swarthmore College
    on Saturday, 27 October. More information is contained in the blurb I've
    copied at the end of the email, but I wanted to let you know that the
    recital is on the same day as RSCDS Delaware Valley Branch's annual
    Delaware Ball, and that there is not, in fact, a conflict.
    The recital will happen at Swarthmore College (just outside Philadelphia,
    PA, USA) at 2 pm in the afternoon; Delaware Ball is in Delaware, in the
    evening. It is our hope that Scottish dancers attending the ball will come
    to the recital, hear some of the music we play and learn a little bit
    about it, then go do as they will for a few hours until they go to the
    At any rate, I'll hope to see you on the 27th, and if I can answer any
    questions, please don't hesitate to ask them.
    Hollis Easter '03 will present a recital on Saturday, 27 October, at 2 pm
    in Lang Concert Hall at Swarthmore College. The recital is based on music
    for traditional dance forms, and will include music and dancing from
    Scotland, Ireland, Quebec, and Cape Breton.
    Hollis is a junior at Swarthmore, studying toward a double major in
    computer science and music. This recital is part of his independent study
    in traditional music. Hollis sings with Swarthmore's college choir, and
    its oldest coed a cappella group, Mixed Company. At home, he plays
    Highland bagpipes with the Spencerville Legion Pipe Band of Ontario,
    Canada, and studies under Pipe Major Brian Lawless. He will be joined on
    stage by Susie Petrov, his teacher, and Cecily Morrison, a student at
    Barnard College in New York.
    Cecily Morrison is a senior at Barnard College of Columbia University,
    where she is working toward a special major in ethnomusicology and dance.
    She is currently writing her thesis on the subject of authenticity in
    traditional Scottish dance. She is a 3-time national highland dance
    champion, and has studied with the Boston Ballet and the Alvin Ailen
    School, in both ballet and contemporary dance. She has just rturned from
    study abroad at Glasgow University in Scotland. While there, Cecily took
    lessons in Scottish smallpipes from Simon McKerel, and she studies violin
    with Paul Woodiel in New York.
    Susie Petrov has toured with Scots musicians Dougie Pincock and Freeland
    Barbour and has performed for concerts, dances, and highland games across
    the USA, Canada and Europe.  She worked as a tutor in the north and west
    of Scotland for summer music camps sponsored by Feis na Gael and was a
    visiting lecturer at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dance.  
    Susie has eight recordings to her credit and has just completed a book of
    traditional and contemporary Scottish music arranged for country dancing.
    A graduate of the Peabody Conservatory and Temple University, she spends
    her days teaching elementary school music to students at Friends School
    The recital will feature an ever-changing array of instruments, styles,
    and national dances. Cecily will perform in the Cape Breton step and
    Highland dance styles, and members of Swarthmore College's folk dance club
    will show a set of Scottish Country dances. At the end of the program, the
    audience will be invited to the stage for an easy and fun participation
    The musicians will present their fresh, contemporary, and eclectic view of
    the different national styles of playing, and will perform on a wide
    variety of instruments, including Highland bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes,
    accordion, flute, organ, whistles, piano, and voice.
    The concert is open to members of the community and is free of cost. For
    more information, contact Hollis at

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