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  • SMiskoe

    SMiskoe Oct. 10, 2001, 12:42 a.m. (Message 27826)

    Re: Protocol/ethis for hiring/un-hiring a band...

    I don't know how often this practice occurs but I consider it the height of 
    rudeness.  If it becomes known that the band hired was bumped in favor of 
    another, the group runs the risk of being boycotted by musicians in general.  
    "don't take that job, you might have it pulled".  It would make subsequent 
    bands ask for a hefty deposit the next time you try to hire them.  If it was 
    a local band that was bumped, you will lose all loyalty they might have 
    towards your group.  
    Remember that any time something goes poorly, there will be many folks who 
    are vocal about it while when something goes well, the will be less 
    widespread praise.  Just don't do it.
    Sylvia Miskoe, Concord, NH USA

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