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  • Lee Fuell

    Lee Fuell Oct. 8, 2001, 10:33 p.m. (Message 27790)

    Pre-Booking (was Cribs)

    My limited observations of pre-booking have mostly involved older 
    dancers.  Was this once common and considered proper ballroom 
    etiquette?  I agree that in today's culture, this appears elitist and 
    exclusive, but are we just dealing with a generation gap?  If so, it 
    will die out (no morbid pun intended...) on its own.
    Patty and I have taken to pre-booking some dances with each 
    other (never more than a very limited number on a program, 
    though!).  We were originally taught that the accepted practice was 
    to dance the first and last dance of a program with one's  
    spouse/significant other/date, and all other dances with others.  On 
    this list, I have seen this modified to first, last, and one "special" 
    dance.  However, we are finding that the first dance of a program is 
    often an "easy opener" that is not as interesting as later dances, 
    so we often don't dance this one together.  We prefer instead to 
    pick a more interesting dance later in the program that we wish to 
    share with each other.  Finishers are usually good, but sometimes 
    we'll trade this one off for another if there's a second dance 
    somewhere else on the program we wish to do together.
    One practice that complicates this approach that I wish masters of 
    ceremonies would not do is have a grand march lead right into the 
    first dance of the program.  This locks everyone into dancing the 
    first dance with their grand march partner, usually one's significant 
    other.  I much prefer a grand march that ends with applause for the 
    musicians, a clearing of the floor, then a call to form sets for the 
    first dance.
    So, is this form of limited pre-booking also socially frowned upon, 
    or within the accepted envelope of ballroom etiquette?
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    > Although I have heard horror stories about this, I (thankfully) have
    > never encountered it to any serious degree in any of the places I've
    > danced.  Many of the balls I've attended offered booklets that had
    > space where you could write in your dance partner's name, but they
    > were not necessarily used to book ahead (except maybe one or two
    > dances with the spouse or significant other).  Many people, myself
    > included, just like to write in their partner's name after the fact
    > and keep the booklet as a souvenir of the dance.  
    > --Lara Friedman-Shedlov
    > Minneapolis, MN  USa

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