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  • Jan Wilson

    Jan Wilson Oct. 8, 2001, 8:15 a.m. (Message 27777)

    Re: Dance - Australian Walkabout

    Can't find a dance of that title in my records,  however 'Gushet Neuk'  in
    the Glasgow Assembly book (devised by Bob Campbell) was originally titled
    "Let's All Go Walkabout".  Could this be the dance in question?
    Alternatively Keith Napier <> would probably be able to
    clarify the matter.
    Jan Wilson
    Alexandria, Sydney
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    From: Alan Paterson <xxxxx@xxxxxxx.xx>
    To: Strathspey <>
    Date: Sunday, 7 October 2001 8:32
    Subject: Dance - Australian Walkabout
    >Does anyone have any information on the dance of this name?
    >I find that my (hastily written no doubt) notes are vague on a few
    >points - in particular as to the name of the devisor.
    >Perhaps someone from the Antipodes?

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