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  • Ian McHaffie

    Ian McHaffie Oct. 3, 2001, 5:26 p.m. (Message 27707)

    Re: Looking for music

    Marla wrote:
    I am looking for the names of tunes I could use for a 16/16 
    Strathspey/Reel  Medley - Frae A The Airts. I have seen somewhere 
    that Galway Hornpipe and Countess of Cassilis Strathspey are used. 
    Are these pieces of music recorded as 16/16 or is one a total 
    hornpipe and the other a Strathspey as their names suggest? I also 
    need to know where to purchase the music. Open for any help. Thanks 
    in advance.
    We recently danced Frae A' The Airts to the music for The Glittering 
    Caves (Highlander 11, Track 9). It worked quite well.  The other 
    tracks on this Album can be viewed at:
    Music speficially for Frae A' The Airts can be seen at:
    There are two recordings in the database.
    The Highlander recordng uses the following tunes:
                                    Countess of Cassilis Strathspey, The 
                                    Galway Hornpipe ((traditional))
                                    Earl Grey (Hill, James)
                                    Rocket Hornpipe, The ((traditional))
                                    Mrs Oliphant of Condie's Strathspey 
                                    Aldridge's Hornpipe ((traditional))
                                    Lady Spencer Chichester ((traditional))
                                    Qumdaro ((traditional))
                                    Niel Gow ((traditional))
                                    Cooper's Hornpipe ((traditional))
                                    Willie Cook (Volti, Carl)
                                    Victoria Hornpipe ((traditional))
                                    Lady Mackenzie of Coull ((traditional))
                                    Miss Brown ((traditional))
                                    Mr Douglas of Springwood Park ((traditional))
                                    Miller's Hornpipe, The ((traditional))
    The Andrew Rankine recording uses the following tunes:
                                    Countess of Cassilis Strathspey, The 
                                    Galway Hornpipe ((traditional))
                                    Mrs Oliphant of Condie's Strathspey 
                                    Captain Byng ((unknown))
                                    Niel Gow's Recovery ((unknown))
                                    Miss Dundas of Arniston (Gow, Nathaniel)
                                    Fill Your Glasses ((traditional))
                                    Mrs Francis Wemyss ((traditional))
    Re availability: many albums are available from TACSound (
    or through the TACSound website (which was down when I wrote this):
    All the above was partly to answer Marla's question and partly to 
    illustrate the value of dance data!
    Happy Dancing!
    Ian McHaffie

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