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  • Lee Fuell

    Lee Fuell Oct. 3, 2001, 12:38 a.m. (Message 27680)

    Re: Test

    Well, whatever it was, it appears to be sorted.
    Again, sorry for the oops-mail and subsequent "test" junk-mail.
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    From:           	"Donald Lee Fuell, Jr." <>
    Date sent:      	Tue, 2 Oct 2001 18:35:47 -0400
    Subject:        	Test
    Priority:       	normal
    > Hi, folks,
    > Besides my operator-error oops-mail problems, I'm having trouble
    > posting original e-mails to the list, and am trying to troubleshoot
    > the problem.  It seems when I cc something to Strathspey (like my note
    > to my sister), it goes through fine, but gets rejected when addressed
    > to Strathspey.  I apologize for cluttering up your in boxes, but need
    > to get a look at the full header on the bounced messages to see if we
    > can sort this out.
    > Lee

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