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  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes Oct. 2, 2001, 8:07 p.m. (Message 27673)

    Re: Contra dancing

    Alan Twhigg wrote:
    > since the dances are usually called throughout, it is
    > a more approachable form for participation by new
    > dancers. 
    Oh, how I wish this were true.  Listening to a caller is as much a skill 
    a reading Pilling.  Square dances are all called and they have a medal 
    system which means you can't must sit out certain dances if you haven't 
    got the medal!  Now that is surely even more off-putting to newcomers 
    than any RSCDS class.
    Walking through each dance before dancing it is why a formal Contra is 
    more accessible than a Scottish Ball.  And it is why there is a scary 
    jump from a class to a Ball.

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