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  • Anselm Lingnau

    Anselm Lingnau Oct. 2, 2001, 1:20 p.m. (Message 27656)

    Re: What do you think about this?

    Lee Fuell <> writes:
    > So the challenge remains - how do teachers balance the need to 
    > maintain the fundamental character of SCD (i.e., proper technique) 
    > with the need to develop (or keep) lots of dancers on the floor 
    > dancing SCD?  Striking the right balance is, I expect, far from 
    > easy.
    It also depends on the type of class. I have met teachers who are really
    excellent given a group of people who are keen to learn, in a workshop
    setting where there is essentially nothing to do but dance, eat, sleep
    and socialize -- but who I would not be convinced I would ask to have as
    my weekly teacher in a `general' class.
    It is always more difficult for a teacher to inspire enthusiasm and the
    will to excel in people who have a full day's worth of their daily job
    behind them, especially when these people are the kind of mixture of the
    ambitious and not-quite-so-ambitious that one tends to have in a
    `general' class. I agree that this is something which is touched upon
    very lightly in RSCDS certification classes -- it would be exaggerating
    unduly to claim that the subject was completely ignored, which at least
    in my class wasn't the case -- but it must also be appreciated that the
    ability to do this is not something which is (a) straightforward to
    teach (or learn) in a 2-week course of instruction, or (b) easy to
    examine fairly at the end of said course.
    It must also be reiterated, at the peril of preaching to the choir in
    this forum, that having passed the RSCDS certificate does not of itself
    make you a great teacher. If anything it is a vote of encouragement that
    the certificate holder may one day become one; it's part of the
    foundations rather than the cap-stone. I'd say that there is much more
    to a great teacher -- having been fortunate enough to meet a few
    individuals that, to me, deserve the title -- than can be learned in a
    certificate class. Which is not to say that certificate classes are
    useless, only that there are some aspects to SCD teaching that can't
    really be taught during 80 hours of formal instruction.
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