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  • Jim Healy

    Jim Healy Oct. 2, 2001, 1:06 a.m. (Message 27636)

    MP3 swapping

    I thought my comment which started this thread was clearly referring only to 
    long out of print tracks. I too buy CDs and copy to minidisc format for use 
    in teaching and in the car. I also make up CDs specifically for special 
    purposes but all from material which I have purchased. Like Oberdan I would 
    be right at the front of the line if TAC, or whoever, ever released the Stan 
    Hamilton recordings to replace my home-made ones. But there is some great 
    music out there that is NOT generally available. The one thing that really 
    infuriates me in copyright discussions is the "no you can't buy a copy 
    because it is out of print and we have no plans to reissue but you'll be 
    sued if you make a copy" (?)
    Jim Healy
    Perth Scotland
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