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  • Oberdan Otto

    Oberdan Otto Sept. 27, 2001, 4:42 a.m. (Message 27543)

    Re: Island CD Survey

    >Well, I'm going to assume I'm stranded on the same island with Marjorie
    >and Anselm, so I've already got Cairngorms, the San Francisco
    >Collection, Memories of Scottish Weekend, and the John Taylor and Andy
    >Imbrie discs, all of which are among my favorites.  This leaves me free
    >to bring my other top choices:
    >- Boston Celebrate 50  (various)
    >- Terpsichore (Elke Baker and Liz Donaldson)
    >- Any of the 3 Berkeley Players albums (which we have transferred to
    Well, as much as I might like being stranded with Marjorie and 
    Anselm, I wouldn't like leaving something like music choices to 
    chance. What about all those terrific pre-CD albums: Stan Hamilton, 
    Berkeley Players, Jimmy Blue, Jim Johnstone, etc...
    Problem is, there are sooo many wonderful recordings that it would be 
    easier for me to pick 3 not to bring than to leave all of the rest of 
    my music behind. I would opt for something about the same size as a 
    stack of 3 standard jewel cases--a 60 gigabyte external drive with 
    all my music in mp3 format. The original challenge implicitly assumed 
    that a CD player, amplification and electricity were available, so I 
    would replace the CD player and amplifier with an mmx notebook PC 
    with internal speakers (which could also play your 3 CD's if you got 
    stranded with me).
    Happiness is ALL of my music. :)))
    Cheers, Oberdan.
    184 Estaban Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010-1611 USA
    Voice: (805) 389-0063, FAX: (805) 484-2775, email:

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