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  • RuddBaron

    RuddBaron Sept. 24, 2001, 6 p.m. (Message 27492)

    Re: Important (was: Re: a Letter)

    You don't want me to mention the WORLD TRADE CENTER attack? You don't think 
    the events at hand, including the WORLD TRADE CENTER attack, have any 
    relevance to SCD? You'll kick me off the list for a month if I mention the 
    WORLD TRADE CENTER again? Oh my oh my. As General McCullough of the 101st 
    said at Bastogne to you Germans, "NUTS!"
    Slàinte mhath, h-uile latha, na chì 'snach fhaic. Slàinte mhòr.
    An Ridir Radtherfòrd Beurach MacIain, MacSiamas

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