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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister Sept. 19, 2001, 10:57 a.m. (Message 27467)

    Re: RSCDS restructure AGM motion

    In article <001d01c14061$09773fe0$xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx>, Malcolm Brown
    <> writes
    >2) One of the major costs for the Society is the cost of the Exec Council
    >meetings - we hold 2 a year with over a hundred people present at each
    >meeting - most of the time it rubber stamps the decisions made by
    >sub-committees, and the time is spent in trying to find out why the
    >committees have made certain decisions, and then arguing about them - it is
    >a cross between a debate and a law court (with the conveners of the
    >committees feeling like the accused!) The majority of the people attending
    >say nothing, and those who do speak often wonder whether they are wasting
    >their time. 
    Classic isn't.  As a member of various small organisations it always
    exasperates me the way people who weren't at the previous discussions
    fell entitled to reopen the subject from Stage 1 and go over old ground
    again and again.
    However it does suggest that either the structure is flawed, the papers
    distributed to members are not adequate or not read, or the Chair person
    needs to shut em up.  Suggest some effort be expended in ascertaining
    which and then take a decision...
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