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  • Ian Thomson

    Ian Thomson Sept. 18, 2001, 3:30 a.m. (Message 27401)

    Attracting new/young dancers

    At one of the clubs where I dance, they hold a series of classes solely for 
    new dancers, at the end of which is a New Dancers' Social, to which members 
    are invited, not only from our club but from others as well (We have nine 
    clubs in Brisbane). The program is designed specifically for new dancers , 
    but experienced dancers are encouraged to attend as well. We have live 
    music, and the evening ends with a supper. This is a most enjoyable and 
    non-threatening way of introducing new dancers to those of us who have been 
    dancing a little longer.
    Ian Thomson,
    27 Thomas Place,
    Upper Kedron,
    Queensland  4055, Australia.
    Ph. (07) 3851 1164

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