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  • Jill Herendeen

    Jill Herendeen June 13, 2006, 5:52 p.m. (Message 45539)

    Re: sashes - traditionally and in practice

    Also, the wrap-around-the-torso style needs a LONGER sash in order to have 
    any long loose end to float gracefully behind as one dances (unless, 
    perhaps, one is constructed like a beanpole).  Try it and see. --Jill in 
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    Subject: RE: sashes - traditionally and in practice
    > Amen
    > Except - are Bugblatters of scottish descent?
    > You have to come to YOunger Hall these days Anselm - they don't even wear
    > white dresses anymore - although the men still wear kilts :>)
    > Eike - wear it any which way you want - I have started to wrap it round my
    > middle - belt style - hides a multitude of sins {choclate, cream puddings,
    > middleage spreads etc).
    > I once saw a lady in America wear a sash hiding her dress neckline to the
    > front, fastened with two brooches - one on each shoulder - with the ends
    > hanging down her back - that looked fantastic.
    > For dem. purposes, we wear the sash folded - one end longer than the 
    > other -
    > gathered with a brooch and fastened to a shoulder - the same side shoulder
    > for all and one end carried over to the opposite side on the back - it 
    > looks
    > good when dancing when the end of the sash flows freely behind you.
    > I personally do not like the wrap around style, where you start at a
    > shoulder and cross over the front to end up back at the same shoulder - it
    > is all right if you are flat as a board, but the minute you have curves 
    > both
    > in expected and unexpected places - you can bet your last dollar that the
    > sash will sit and emphasize just there.
    > Pia
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    > Eike Albert-Unt wrote:
    >> Does this mean that it is bad manners for non-members (as of yet) to wear
    > a
    >> sash on the left shoulder?
    > In a nutshell: Wear your sash whichever way you fancy, unless there is a
    > danger of running into anal-retentive retro-Scots who are sticklers 
    > for »the
    > rules«. (This danger mostly exists at highland games in the US of A.) If 
    > you
    > are an anal-retentive retro-Scot etc. yourself, wear it on the right
    > shoulder
    > unless you are a clan chief or commanding officer of a Highland regiment,
    > spouse of such, or RSCDS-style country dancer, in which case wear it on 
    > the
    > left shoulder. Otherwise you might wrap it round your head in case you
    > encounter the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.
    > There has been lots of discussion in this forum as to exactly why the late
    > Dr
    > Milligan recommended the left shoulder for a lady's sash but as far as I
    > recall we didn't get to the bottom of it. It is best to let common sense
    > rule, such as when you're a formal demonstration team all the sashes 
    > should
    > be in the same position (and in Younger Hall, probably on the left
    > shoulder).
    > I have yet to attend an event where ladies had to present their RSCDS 
    > cards
    > to
    > prove the appropriateness of their sash shoulder.
    > Anselm
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