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  • Thomas G. Mungall, III

    Thomas G. Mungall, III June 9, 2006, 6:19 p.m. (Message 45489)

    Re: Regarding Dance Technique and Etiquette

    Actually the class does all sorts of dance traditions (American, French,
    English, Irish and Scottish) from the late 18th through the 19th Centuries.
    In addition to regularly scheduled period style balls, the group also
    performs at area antebellum homes, living history events and nursing homes.
    The actual dance in question was a Scottish Country Dance. Indeed, I have
    also witnessed different dance traditions where hands are given at different
    heights. I believe the English tradition of the early 19th Century was to
    use a low hand hold. My main concern was the safety issue.
    I do get your point about the teacher and the traditions of the group, etc.
    which is a very valid point. That was why I was wondering how to discuss the
    safety issue with them.
    I find it interesting that the Tulloch turn variation in Posties is common
    with SCDers in Scotland!
    Cheers aye!
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    From: "Ian Brockbank" <>
    > Is the handshake grasp correct in this instance?  When you say "vintage"
    > class,
    > what does that mean?  I have noticed when dancing at the Inter-Varsity
    > Dance
    > Festival (of IVFDF to its friends) that dancers from some traditions give
    > hands
    > for turns and wheels at about eye level giving an effect like a maypole.
    > Conversely, the SCD dancers were the only ones to give hands at shoulder
    > height
    > in circles - most others had straight arms pointing down with the two arms
    > of the adjacent dancers making a 'V' shape.  Now clearly taken in an SCD
    > context
    > both of these are not the expected grasp, but equally clearly it's what
    > have been taught in their dance style.  I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree
    > with
    > your wife here - do what the teacher asks or (if there isn't a teacher)
    > what's common, and don't assume that SCD convention is correct for another
    > dance
    > form.
    > > Another irritant is the propensity of the vintage class to want to dance
    > the
    > > "Postie's Jig" using the Tulloch turn rather than the usual turns by the
    > > right and left giving the handshake hold.
    > That's common enough among SCDers around here!  Some dancers seem to see
    > as a challenge for the number of spins they can do in the available time.
    > If they're not endangering the set (too much), what does it matter?
    > > Thoughts? Suggestions?
    > Relax?  We've got enough of an image as boring and stuffy as it is
    > (certainly
    > here in Scotland).
    > Cheers,
    > Ian Brockbank
    > Edinburgh, Scotland

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