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  • Murray & Deanne Corps

    Murray & Deanne Corps May 25, 2006, 11:15 a.m. (Message 45367)

    RE: Are there estimates on RSCDS dancers?

    But then you have New Zealand.  One Branch, 11 Regions, over 100 Groups,
    about 1000 members and around 2500 dancers.
    Have fun working that in around the world.
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    Which is why I said guestimate and 2 sets pr group - as this would average
    most of the anomalies out across the board and give you an approximation (I
    of course don't mean that an individual dancer is an anomaly :>)
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    Bryan McAlister
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    Subject: Re: Are there estimates on RSCDS dancers?
    When you say RSCDS dancers I presume you mean dancers using an
    approximation of the RSCDS style (i.e.most country dancers).
    Presumably the RSCDS can tell you exactly the number of members and
    members of affiliated societies thereafter you have a balancing trick to
    play as there must be a significant number of RSCDS style dancers who
    are not members of either groups - set against this  there will be a
    number of dancers who are members of more than one group. (This probably
    only applies to Scotland).
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