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  • Martin

    Martin May 24, 2006, 11:21 a.m. (Message 45363)

    Re: Are there estimates on RSCDS dancers?

    Bryan McAlister wrote:
    > Presumably the RSCDS can tell you exactly the number of members and 
    > members of affiliated societies 
    I doubt they keep track of members of affiliated groups, since these are 
    not automatically members of any branch.
    I never heard that the dancers I met in GB paid annual fees to the 
    RSCDS, and I'm sure those that live abroad have little incentive to do 
    so unless they attend Summer School. Although I have always encouraged 
    my dancers to go to St Andrews (if they understand English), I don't 
    think that any of them kept up their membership after going there.
    Finding out how many dancers therer are around the world would be as 
    difficult as knowing how many gardeners weed their own gardens.
    One thing; the Strathspey list is unfoirtunately not a good 
    representation either of members not of dancers (note that we 
    occasionally read a message written by a non-member, non-dancer!).
    (member for the last 38 years, dancer a few more)

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