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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister May 24, 2006, 10:11 a.m. (Message 45362)

    Re: Are there estimates on RSCDS dancers?

    When you say RSCDS dancers I presume you mean dancers using an 
    approximation of the RSCDS style (i.e.most country dancers).
    Presumably the RSCDS can tell you exactly the number of members and 
    members of affiliated societies thereafter you have a balancing trick to 
    play as there must be a significant number of RSCDS style dancers who 
    are not members of either groups - set against this  there will be a 
    number of dancers who are members of more than one group. (This probably 
    only applies to Scotland).
    In message <>, 
    S. K. Graham <> writes
    >On 5/23/06, Pia <> wrote:
    >> Phone up RSCDS and talk to Elspeth, she may be able to help you.
    >> Or send her an e-mail.  I suppose you could guestimate that all groups
    >> have
    >> at least 2 sets i.e. 16 people and multiply with the amount of groups.
    >If you are a member, I imagine that you can find out how many bulletins they
    >print and/or how much membership revenue HQ gets, and do some simple math.
    >The RSCDS knows how many members it has (at least had last year)!
    >There are quite a few non-member dancers, I'm sure, but that number would be
    >the start of a reasonable estimate.
    >They have also been putting together a directory of active teachers (and
    >hopefully would know how many teaching certificates they've ever granted and
    >perhaps have granted in the last 5 or 10 years).
    >So I'd start with RSCDS HQ, and make educated guesses from there.
    >Keith Graham
    >Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    Bryan McAlister

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