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  • S. Keith Graham

    S. Keith Graham May 23, 2006, 9:40 p.m. (Message 45359)

    Re: Are there estimates on RSCDS dancers?

    On 5/23/06, Pia <> wrote:
    > Phone up RSCDS and talk to Elspeth, she may be able to help you.
    > Or send her an e-mail.  I suppose you could guestimate that all groups
    > have
    > at least 2 sets i.e. 16 people and multiply with the amount of groups.
    If you are a member, I imagine that you can find out how many bulletins they
    print and/or how much membership revenue HQ gets, and do some simple math.
    The RSCDS knows how many members it has (at least had last year)!
    There are quite a few non-member dancers, I'm sure, but that number would be
    the start of a reasonable estimate.
    They have also been putting together a directory of active teachers (and
    hopefully would know how many teaching certificates they've ever granted and
    perhaps have granted in the last 5 or 10 years).
    So I'd start with RSCDS HQ, and make educated guesses from there.
    Keith Graham
    Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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