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  • campbell

    campbell May 18, 2006, 11:21 a.m. (Message 45308)

    Re: StripThe Willow (square) instructions

    We tried this dance last night at our club night and the 48 bar version is
    definitely preferable.  The final "willow turn" with partner is a bit
    tight for getting into position for the 8 hands round, but otherwise it
    works very well and is easy for beginners to pick up. Also the initial 2
    bar 3/4 turn flows more easily than the 4 bar 1 and a half turn that then
    has to be converted into two bar turns.   A great dance for the whole club
    to do and a great leveller.  I much prefer this to the longwise version as
    there is not that long wait while the dancing couple goes up and down the
    line (particularly if there are more than 4 couples).  Also as a man one
    can strip the willow with another man, with accompanying "athleticism"!
    Cape Town
    > Chris wrote:
    > "I'm  clearly prejudiced, but prefer the sound of the longwise
    > version, since  that lets me strip the willow with my partner.'
    > And add some extra spins....

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