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  • Marie Disiewicz

    Marie Disiewicz May 16, 2006, 4:15 p.m. (Message 45298)

    StripThe Willow (square) instructions

    Hi to all
    My inquiry as to who devised it has not been answered, but maybe
    someone will recognize their instructions that I have.
    This is a smashing good fun dance and hats off to the person who thought of it.
    Now the new DVD that is coming out has this dance on it so we will see
    what version they used very sooooooooon!
    I tell everyone at the beginning to look at the opp SEX person on the
    right, across , left and then partner and that is the order they will
    be turning LH.
    This dance looks like it has been modified for SCD. I know Balance and
    Swing as a Contra dance term.
    I do hope I have typed the instructions correctly, if not get in touch with me.
    There are a lot of 4x48 Reels so music should not be a problem. Make
    sure it has zip and really you do not need to do the Hoe Down thing
    with this.
    Some good rip roaring SCD tunes works great. Cheers Marie
    Strip The Willow In a Square set
    1st & 3rd cpls in ballroom hold dance 8 slip steps to change places,
    men passing back to back then slip 8 slip steps back again ladies
    passing back to back
    2nd & 4th cpl repeat chorus
    17 -32
    1& 3 Men turn RH 3/4 (2 bars)
    then turn the lady who was originally on their right  LH (2 bars)
    leaving lady in the position where they were
    1& 3 Men turn RH 3/4 (2 bars)
    then turn next lady who was originally opposite LH (2 bars) la
    1 & 3 Men turn RH 3/4 (2 bars)
    then turn the Lady who was originally on their left LH ( 2 bars)
    1 & 3 Men turn RH 3/4 (2 bars)
    then turn partner LH to original places (2 bars)
    All circle once round to the left - prepare for :
    41 - 48 
    All promenade round anti-clockwise to original places
    Repeat with side couples leading, then side men turning
    Repeat with top & bottom couples leading,  then top and bottom ladies turning
    Repeat with side couples leading, then side ladies turning
    1 & 3 Men 1st time 
    2 & 4 Men 2nd time 
    1 & 3 Ladies 3rd time
    2 & 4 Ladies 4 th time

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