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  • Martin

    Martin May 10, 2006, 9:27 a.m. (Message 45214)

    Re: Ask and Ye shall receive - Perhaps!

    Iain Boyd wrote:
    > ..."We can't dance to that - the music is putting us off." 
    Well, obviously, if you play a waltz or a slow march, you may well get 
    such a comment.
    Or if you use a recording dating from the 40s & 50s, when dancers 
    apparently had more energy than they do today.
    But I fail to see how a jig, a reel, or a strathspey, with accepted 
    tempo and standard length, can put dancers off performing a jig, a reel, 
    or a strathspey, whatever the tune.
    >    ... tunes (although good) that are not suitable for the dance. 
    Could you give us an example, please?
    >  Malcom wrote that he sometimes used "what might be an inferior
    > recording, just because someone bothered to make a recording for a particular dance. "
    That seems an unfortunate choice.
    What is dancing anyway?
    It's just something to do while listen to nice music.
    Although I too devise dances and think am critical/appreciative of 
    poorly-compiled/pleasing sequences, it is the music that is the most 
    important, imho.
    There are so many good recordings, why use anything else?
    Grenoble, France.

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