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  • James Tween

    James Tween April 23, 2006, 11:30 p.m. (Message 45091)

    CD Help request

    I recently danced with a club where they use music on tapes copied from CDs, 
    and with no record of the original CD.  Legalities aside, can anyone help me 
    track down a CD by the following criteria? ...
    1 - at least 5 years old
    2 - led by fiddle, with piano accompaniment, not sure on other instruments
    3 - very good arrangements!
    4 - as for the tracks, the following three sound like they're off the same 
    CD, or at least by the same band:
    --- West's Hornpipe
    --- JB Milne
    --- Reel of the Royal Scots, including within the set of tunes the four-part 
    version of High Road to Linton
    So, any suggestions welcomed!
    - James Tween - 

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