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  • Phill Jones

    Phill Jones March 29, 2006, 11:03 p.m. (Message 44899)

    RE: The Strathspeyer's CD - Mix and Match - MCPS licensing

    MCPS stands for Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (see  It is the mechanism for paying royalties to the
    composers of any tunes still in copyright that are recorded on the CD
    and is charged based on the number of CDs produced, how long the tune
    lasts on the recording etc... and whether the composer is a member of
    the MCPS.
    MCPS is also closely link to the PRS (Performing Right Society - who you have to pay a license to if you want to play any
    music, live or recorded, in public or broadcast any music.
    Having gone through the MCPS process myself last year, I can tell you
    that the process of applying only takes a couple of weeks from when you
    send the form off but good luck filling the forms in in the first place
    Phill Jones
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    Dear Sue,
      You wrote - 
      "(the MCPS licencing can take quite a while to come through
      What is 'MCPS licensing' and what does it involve?
      Iain Boyd
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