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  • Bryan McAlister

    Bryan McAlister March 25, 2006, 1:24 p.m. (Message 44880)

    Re: Two Chords - from a deviser's point of view

    But some Scots think it's daft.
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    xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx writes
    >Alasdair wrote:
    >> At all the dances I have attended in Scotland TWO chords ARE the norm for
    >> the start of such dances and only ONE chord for the encore.  The reason
    >> being that the second time through the dancers are already in the correct
    >> position.
    >> This applies whether a live band is playing or CD's are being used.
    >> I would agree with Charles on this one and it would appear Scotland has
    >> "wonderful dancers" too.
    >> The same applies to the ceilidh dance scene here when they are dancing the
    >> set dances.  At ceilidh dances the band usually act as MC and if they
    >> forget
    >> the second chord on the first playing the dancers just don't start
    >> dancing.
    >That clinches the argument for me - if the Scottish can do it then surely
    >the rest of us can too.  And if the Scottish DO do it, then we SHOULD too.
    > But now can we move on, because this is becoming a bit of a tennis match
    >between Simon and whoever will answer him.
    Bryan McAlister

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