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  • Andrea Re

    Andrea Re March 8, 2006, 1:36 a.m. (Message 44543)

    Re: Emcee

    For Fiona and the others who wondered.... here are my 2 cents on the 
    development of the English language (and I beg your pardon to start with).
    1) The English language, on both sides of the Atlantic has an obsession 
    about shortening words and creating acronyms of compound words. The same 
    does not apply to, for example, romance languages. Certainly not to 
    Italian, nor, as far as I know, French or Spanish. There are hypothesis 
    as to why the English language has this tendency, but let's not get too 
    technical (and it is late at night)
    2) In creating shorter words or, even worst, acronyms, people tend to 
    forget what the abbreviation stands for. Even easy things like QC (or 
    even better KC) are lost to most people. Working as a translator I can 
    assure you that acronyms can make any text unintelligible, unless you 
    are one of the chosen few who know what the letters stand for.
    3) Since the origin of the word is quickly lost, the acronym becomes a 
    word in its own right and in doing so it will have to be spelled one way 
    or another, hence "emcee". I'll try and think of similar transformations 
    and keep u posted.
    Former acronyms could be: laser, sonar, ram and so on, but they are not 
    as interesting since the spelling has not changed.
    Andrea (fae Dundee, but not an Englishe native speakereh)

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