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  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes Oct. 4, 2001, 1:38 p.m. (Message 27736)

    Re: Contr(a/y)/Square, etc.

    Hi Bob,
    Intriguing.  What you have descibed, I would call an English Ladies' 
    Chain, or a chain with a closed or power turn.  In contra I have always 
    met women who prefer to dance an open chain, as is Scottish, but with 
    the mans arm raise an the lady turning under his arm as in the Gay 
    gordons.  The woman will normally lead the chain with her left arm, to 
    show whether she prefers to dance the closed, open or turned variety. 
    Usually, as Pat says, men I have danced with have moved into the ladies 
    place and the turn is more to sway places than with the man acting as a 
    The most interesting difference for me is that the Contra dances will 
    say Ladies' chain where the Scottish dances would say half Ladies' chain.
    Adam wrote:
    > In a message dated 10/3/01 4:24:07 PM, writes:
    > << 
    >  [Bob, you brought up a point regarding different
    >  ladies changes that I did not understand. Can you
    >  explain them to me and give me examples of the
    >  differences? RG]
    >  >>
    > Richard,
    >     The ladies chain in Contra requires the man to support the woman behind 
    > the waist with his right hand, when she is turned back to face the center and 
    > I do not think the man dances behind the position but waits for lady to come 
    > to him. But I am not a major Contra dancer, so i may be incorrect about the 
    > mans' movement or lack of.
    > Bob Mc Murtry

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