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  • Alan Twhigg

    Alan Twhigg Oct. 2, 2001, 10:27 p.m. (Message 27676)

    Re: RSCDS "Teacher Support"

    Hi Marie,
    In the San Francisco Branch, we have never had a
    single person assigned to the role of teacher
    coordinator. Instead, we have a Branch-sponsored
    Teachers' Committee (TC) that meets approximately once
    a quarter and is responsible for putting on teaching
    workshops, choosing candidate class tutors, planning
    programs for Branch-wide dances and balls, and other
    related items to support teachers.
    All Branch members who have passed either the
    Preliminary or Teacher's Certificate RSCDS exams are
    invited to participate, but of the 30 or so active
    teachers in the Branch, perhaps half that number get
    involved in the TC on a regular basis.
    The Branch Executive supports the TC with financial
    assistance to cover operating expenses, subsidize
    workshops, and provide scholarships for individual
    training. Officers who serve on the Executive or in
    the TC leadership are elected to one- or two-year
    terms and sometimes serve 2 or 3 terms, as there is a
    learning curve implicit in these roles, but in general
    individuals rotate out of these positions after that.
    I can provide further details if desired, but don't
    want to go on at length on a topic that may not be of
    interest to the general list.
    -Alan Twhigg.

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