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  • John K. Andrews

    John K. Andrews Sept. 27, 2001, 5:24 p.m. (Message 27559)

    Argyle Dance Weekend

    The Northern Virginia Branch is holding its annual Argyle Dance Weekend on
    November 2-4, 2001, at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Arlington, VA.  Friday
    night Welcome Dance 8-11, Saturday classes 9-4, Ball 8-12, Sunday brunch.
    This years teachers are John Middleton, Hamilton, ON; Mel Briscoe,
    Alexandria, VA; and Brad Sayer, Chalottesville, VA.  The music will be
    supplied by Findhorn (Steve Hickman - fiddle, Marty Taylor -
    flute/concertina, Liz Donaldson - piano, and Ralph Gordon - bass) for the
    Welcome Dance and Terpsichore (Elke Baker - fiddle, Liz Donaldson - piano,
    and Ralph Gordon - bass) for the Ball.  Findhorn and Terpsichore will be
    joined by special guest musician Earl Gaddis.  Refreshments: Evening dance
    snacks, Saturday continental breakfast, lunch optional. Price: US$60 +.
    Live music for ALL classes. Local hospitality available; this is not a
    residential weekend. Sunday teachers' class by noted tutor John Middleton.
    Saturday special: English dance class with music by Dave Wiesler and Earl
    Gaddis. (There is a slight additional fee for extra classes.) Contact Ellie
    Briscoe 703-461-7383 fax 801-838-6280 or Jay Andrews
    703-719-0596 Web site: The
    registration form is available on the web site.  Registration form and
    cheat sheets can also be e-mailed (pdf format).  Please contact me directly
    if you desire these.
    Jay Andrews
    Alexandria, VA
    Welcome Dance Program:
    Laird of Milton's Daughter					32J3 Bk 22
    The Blithest Lass That Ever Was Seen		32S3 MMM II
    On the Quarterdeck						32H2 Harbour City
    Fair Jenny's Jig 							32J3 R. Wallace
    John Derek Evans 							32S3 Whiteadder Coll
    The Buchan Eightsome Reel 				400R4 Bk 21
    EH3 7AF 									32J3 Bk 40
    The Trysting Place 						32S2 Bk 35
    The Sailor 								32H3 Bk 24
    The Nurseryman 							32J3 Bk 37
    Balmoral Strathspey 						32S4 Bk 22
    The Mason's Apron 						32R3 Border Bk
    Ball Program:
    TheJubilee Jig 							32J3 RSCDS Leaflet
    TheSilver City								32S3 Silver City
    Corn Rigs 								32R2 Bk 4
    The Isle 									32J3 Graded Bk
    The Glasgow Highlanders					32S2 Bk 2
    Davy Nick Nack 							32H3 Glasgow Assembly
    Huntly Castle 								32S3 Canadian Bk
    Postie's Jig 								32J4 Ormskirk 5
    St. Bernard's Waltz
    Trip to Gatlinburg 							32J3 Tang Leaflet
    Argyll Strathspey							32S3 Bk 35
    The Montgomeries' Rant					32R3 Bk 10
    The Gentleman							32S3 Bk 35
    Over the Water to Charlie (New Way) 		32J3 Bk 34
    Ca' the Ewes Tae the Knowes				32S3 Bk 16
    Da Rain Dancin							32R3 Wallace

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