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  • Patricia Ruggiero

    Patricia Ruggiero Sept. 27, 2001, 3:14 a.m. (Message 27542)

    RE: Strathspey List CENSORSHIP; Miss Gibson's Strathspey

    Oberdan wrote:
    >P.S. Anselm, please note that I did utter a peep and based on your
    censorship pronouncement are now obligated to drop me from the list,
    conveniently silencing me!!!
    I didn't save Anselm's message but I seem to recall that he didn't exclude
    postings on matters concerning 9/11 as long as the bulk of the message was
    related to SCD.
    >...and went on to more important things such as whether to give right or
    left hand and which shoulder to pass in the middle of Mairi's Wedding.
    Not Mairi's Wedding, but the same sort of question for Miss G's Strathspey:
    I would like to know what folks think about "staying in the middle" as the
    1st Cpl finishes corner-partner turns before dancing three-hands-across with
    the supporting couples.  I find it satisfying to finish the left-hand turn
    with my partner at the set lines and then surge forward toward the 2d cpl
    for the hands across figure; staying in the center defeats this, to my mind.
    I should add here that I don't have the original/official instructions for
    this dance; the cheat sheet for Ramblewood specified doing in that way.

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