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  • Fyreladdie

    Fyreladdie Sept. 25, 2001, 5:08 p.m. (Message 27508)

    Re: Ramblewood- Incredible Dance escape this year!!!!!

    In a message dated 9/25/01 3:17:37 AM, writes:
    << Incidentally, the Strathspey Server does have a CD review section.
    Unfortunately I don't seem to get around to writing up as many CDs as I
    should like, but I would like to encourage anybody who wants to share
    their thoughts and opinions about particular CDs -- new and old -- to
    contribute. A brief note will do if you don't find it in you to write a 
    five-page review :^), and I will worry about the presentation.
        CDs and other recordings are the life nad breath of SCD. There are 
    several good ones out there and I hope more to come. The following are a few 
    of my favorites. Some are new and some have been around for awhile:  San 
    Francisco Collection Vol 2 - Terpsichore, Elke Baker, Liz Donalson - 
    Cairngorms, Keith Smithe and Muriel Johnston - Haste Ye Back, Muriel Johnston 
    Band - 15 Social dances for Roy Goldring, Mureil Johnston band - Live, John 
    Taylor and Andy Imbrie - Gang the Same Gate, Green Ginger - The March Hare, 
    Andy Imbrie, Susan Worland Bentley and Michael Bentley.
        These few are well recorded and add a delightful feeling to the class. 
    Most can be purchased from headquarters or TAC. The March Hare is the lastest 
    and may not be available yet. But keep checking. It's worth the effort. I 
    must admit that I do tend to lean towards more fiddle in my recordings than 
    some but they must be top quality before i will use them. 
    Happy Dancing!
    Bob Mc Murtry
    Felton, Calif

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