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  • Malcolm and Helen Brown

    Malcolm and Helen Brown April 27, 1998, 10:33 p.m. (Message 11827)

    re:Chain Reaction; Chasing the Wild Goose

    Having enjoyed other peoples dances published here, and from the 
    discussion on the future of publishing new dances, I have decided
    to contribute one of my own.
    It originated when someone said that the Bobby Crowe version of
    Wild Geese, which  is a 5 x 32 jig, deserved its own dance.
    So I wrote the following  - (when I first tried it out with
    Helen in our rather small hall I was surprised to find that at
    the end of 32 bars we were standing as far from each other as
    space would permit; close investigation showed that it took
    5 repeats to get us back together again!)
    			Chasing the Wild Goose		32 Jig
    	Music : Wild Geese - Bobby Crowe		5 Couple
     1 -  8	2s 4s advance setting to take RH with partner, balance in line,
    	2s 4s 1/2 turn partner RH, balance in line;
     9 - 16	2s 4s "Inverted Teapots", LH wheel with couple on Left, pass L Sh,
    	RH  wheel with other couple, pass L Sh to finish back to back,
    	facing own side of dance.
    	(2L 3 hands across with 1s, 2M 4L 4 hands across with 3s, and
    	 4M 3 hands across with 5s - LH; pass L Sh
    	 2M 3 hands across with 1s, 2L 4M 4 hands across with 3s, and
    	 4L 3 hands across with 5s - RH; pass L Sh)
    17 - 24	All set in double double triangles,
    	2s 4s change places with RH person, (pas de basque)
    	All set in double double triangles,
    	Couples back to back change places with LH person - 
    	all finish out on own side facing in - polite turns where necessary 
    	(Non changing dancers continue setting)
    25 - 32	Top 2 couples and bottom 2 couples - Rights and Lefts
    	Finish Men : 2 4 1 5 3   Ladies : 3 1 5 2 4	
    	Repeat with new partners
    Note:	Skip change may be used for LH change, bars 23-24
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