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SCD Bands--Jimmy Blue

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    Trans Vector Technologies, Inc July 31, 1997, 8:07 p.m. (Message 8384)

    Hi All,
    I have found the recent discussion of locational bias in the quality of SCD
    music (both producers and consumers) interesting. I have not analyzed my
    own preferences to see how they fall in this discussion. I consider that
    the quality of music in my personal collection ranges from the truly
    dreadful to the truly awe inspiring. I think my personal preferences are
    more closely tied to quality of the musicianship and quality of the sound
    engineering than to place of origin and instrument type. The sound
    engineering attribute should make my preferences slant toward modern
    recordings. However, I have in my possession a taped copy of an album by
    Jimmy Blue with many wonderful pieces including an irresistible toe-tapping
    rendition of Captain MacBean's Reel. In years of searching I have not been
    able to find an original of any album by Jimmy Blue. Does anybody know
    anything about Jimmy Blue? Is there any chance of his music being
    Thanks, Oberdan Otto.
    Trans Vector Technologies, Inc, 184 Estaban Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010-1611
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    George Brian Mackintosh Aug. 10, 1997, 8:36 p.m. (Message 8491, in reply to message 8384)

    Oberdan Otto asked a while about Jimmy Blue and didn't seem
    to get any bites, so here goes.
    The record cover for "The Ian Powrie Band Show" says:
              "...let me introduce you to the band.  Meet Jimmy
              Blue, one of the leading exponents to-day of the
              British Chromatic Accordion.  Jimmy reallly is
              somebody--He's won all the major Festival awards
              for Traditional Scottish Music, and he's written a
              good many Scottish pieces himself.  Been with the
              band for twelve years..."
    I have been told that after Ian Powrie decamped from
    Auchterarder for the Sothern Hemisphere, Jimmy Blue took
    over as band leader.
    Perhaps the tape which you have is from the record "The
    Scottish Sounds of Jimmy Blue" which says that it was
    recorded 12 June '72 -- so it's probably no longer 
    available :-).  This includes a 5x32 set for Captain
    MacBean's Reel (original, Colonel L Stewart, Jackie
    Coleman's Reel) along with The Baldovan Reel, Peggy's
    Wedding, Minard Castle and The River Cree, plus a bunch of
    duets and stuff.  The record is Philips 6414 317.
    The band is :
    Jimmy Blue, Chromatic Accordion
    Jimmy Cassidy, Piano Accordion
    Ronnie Kerr, Fiddle
    Dave Barclay, Bass
    Pam Brough, Piano
    Arther Easson, Drums
    and, yes, all but Cassidy and Kerr were also in the Ian
    Powrie Band record.
    (George) Brian Mackintosh      Email: xxxxx@xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx.xx
    60 Cymbeline Drive,              Tel: (613) 829-9932
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    K2H 7Y1

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