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Mobile SCD Cribs

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    George Watt Sept. 30, 2021, 8:55 p.m. (Message 72083)

    Don't mean to demean it Bruce, it's a tremendous piece of work and one
    I shall make good use of.
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    From: Bruce Herbold <>
    Date: 30/09/2021 17:39 (GMT+00:00)
    To: SCD news and discussion <>
    Subject: Re: Mobile SCD Cribs
    I've been dancing and teaching a long time so I generally know the dances
    before the talk through starts.  But given some of the talk throughs I've
    tried to look quiet and attentive for, I am happy for anything that helps
    prepare my fellow dancers to dance.  Talking with partner while the
    talk-through is going on (bad as it may be) is less desirable than a peek
    at a Pillings or a crib.  Of course, ideally such prep is done before
    taking the floor, but some talk throughs raise confusion rather than reduce
    Charlie's new tool is a simple way to access needed info, on the fly,
    quickly.  Living in an imperfect world, again I say "Thanks, Charlie."

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