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    Ruary May 7, 2006, 12:50 a.m. (Message 45181)

    Just a note to say that Bill Jacob and I have recently completed "The
    Lochiel Collection" book of 13 Scottish Country Dances with a CD by Peter
    Elmes Scottish Dance Band, or the 13 track CD only in a jewel case with a
    set of instructions for the dances only.  These are the last of the set of
    seven books that we are going to do.  
    The CD is interesting from three points of view.  First, I am pretty sure in
    saying that it is the ONLY full CD of New Zealand's own Peter Elmes Scottish
    Dance Band available, apart from the others with only 4 to 6 tracks that we
    have done.  Peter made some LPs quite a few years ago.  Second, it includes
    a track for a dance to music by J.S.Bach!!   Not everybody's cup of tea I
    know, but it, and the dance to go with it, is definitely interesting.
    Third, the CD has a video clip included of the band in action for those with
    a computer to view it.
    NB Please note that my email address has changed to
    Anyone interested please get in touch to the above email.

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